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Shift 66 Design Blog

shift66: rebirth

Gasp! I’ve finally updated the site with a whole new design and it’s one that I’m actually quite proud to put up for your viewing pleasure.

The design makes use of a few things:

  • Some CSS3 (that means for the full effect, please use a good modern browser, e.g. Firefox 3.5+, Chrome, Safari 4, IE9, and my personal favorite, Opera 10).
  • My playful side
  • An annoying opacity effect, but without it, you wouldn’t be able to see the clouds!
  • Google Analytics tracking (finally!)
  • My new shift66design logo

This new design was inspired and could not have been completed without the following:

  • My lovely wife, Ying-Ying (that’s us right there)
  • A middle of the night urge to get this done after sitting on it for the good part of 2 years

That’s it. Enjoy. I may never update this site again.