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Integer Leadership Consulting

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design for Integer Leadership Consulting

Client Profile:

Integer Leadership Consulting is committed to strengthening the work of leaders, managers, and followers, as well as organizations. ILC does this by cultivating specialized knowledge and establishing habits around best practices that combine to create high levels of engagement and performance.

Scope of Project:

  • New custom website design that is mobile-friendly
    • Client provided sample websites for preferred look and feel – clean and modern
  • Allow client to make minor updates and create blog posts

Solution and Process:

  • Selected WordPress as the solution for CMS as it provides robust customization while allowing client to easily make minor content updates and create blog posts
  • Analyzed client-provided sample websites to establish a general idea of what client wanted in new website
    • Created multiple internal wireframes to establish information layout
    • Created high-fidelity mock-ups in multiple rounds to finalize design with client
  • Converted final designs to a custom WordPress theme
    • Included responsive web design for scalability of website from mobile to tablet to desktop screens


  • Client was very pleased with the results in being able to capture his exact vision

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